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The mount Ochi and the ravine of Dimosaris
Overshadowing the beautiful city of Karistos-Evia is the mount Ochi and the ravine of Dimosaris. The mount Ochi stands tall at a height of 1398m and provides the whole area with an effect of serenity and excitement. Ilias and Giouda, which are 1,399 and 1,386 meters respectively, are the two main peaks of Mount Ochi. Between two peaks of Mount Ochi, a deep beautiful ravine is located. This is what forms the very pretty and serene Dimosaris Gorge.

The mount Ochi and the ravine of Dimosaris near Karistos-Evia today is a popular tourist attraction as they can be a great way to spend a day out with your family or friends. You can take this beautiful journey on foot and on your way explore nature’s beauty at your own pace.

You can take one of the many routs of this trek and get lost in the delights of nature. A popular and least tiring route is from Petrokanalo pass to Kallianou beach. On your way to Petrokanalo you will pass the Karistias Environmental Information Centre which is a must see.

Once you reach the chestnut trees that can be found on a height of 1050 m you will see a shelter that can host as many as 15 tourists. This is a well organized shelter and can offer accommodation as well.
Mount Ochi and the ravine of Dimosaris near Karistos-Evia is one of the most exciting tourists attractions of this area and a must visit.
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